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Сборник официальных патч-нотс C5 и Интерлюд

Сборник официальных патч-нотс C5 и Интерлюд

Official patch-notes C5 and Interlude

Откровенно говоря, меня достала уже неграмотность некоторых админов фришек, которые даже не знают, когда открывались те или иные хроники, когда осуществлялся переход с одних хроник на другие. Из последнего - один из админов при споре о работе некоторых скилов вполне серьёзно отправляет всех на гоху искать темы о работе этих скилов, датированные 2009 годом, и очень серьёзно полагает, что в это время на нцсофтовских серверах стоял интерлюд. Ха, дилетанты...

Поэтому поубликую здесь все официальные патч-ноты времён Ц5 и Интерлюд, всё в хронологическом порядке на языке оригинала (английский), все мои комментарии, есс-но, на русскойм языке.

Старт хроник Chronicle 5: Oath of Blood

September 5, 2006
Weekly Maintenance Postponed

The weekly maintenance scheduled for today has been postponed. The maintenance will occur during tomorrow's downtime for the Chronicle 5: Oath of Blood update.
September 6, 2006
Chronicle 5 Downtime

All servers are currently down for the launch of Chronicle 5. Servers are expected to return at approximately 2:00 PM CDT.
September 19, 2006
Patch Notes 9-19-06

During the maintenance period on Tuesday, September 19, between 10:30 AM and 12:30 PM CDT, the following changes will be made:


A raid boss named High Priest van Halter has been added to the Pagan Temple.
The 2nd and the 3rd floors of the Altar where the Pagan Temple raid bosses appear have been designated as no re-start zone. If a player doesn't connect within 10 minutes after disconnecting, they will be moved to the closest town.
Because some of the skills of monster Ol Mahum Transcender have been removed, the acquired Exp/SP/Reward have slightly decreased.
Corrected an issue where the Guardian of the Holy Land in the Monastery of Silence occasionally stopped attacking.
Fixed a problem where an NPC sometimes failed to receive the Ice Fairy's Blessing buff after hunting the Freya's Gardener during the Ice Queen's Castle encounter.
Corrected a problem where the Guardian of the Grail sometimes failed to self-destruct after recognizing the player and teleporting.
Some skills used by Spiked Stakato Sorcerer, Spiked Stakato Shaman, Solina Lay Brother, Silent Brother, and Guardian of the Holy Land have changed.
In order to ensure smooth raid boss hunting, changes were made to prevent regular monsters from appearing around the raid monsters Turek Mercenary Captain, Greyclaw Kutus, Tirak, Wizard of Storm Teruk, Red Eye Captain Trakia, Nurka's Messenger, Partisan Leader Talakin, Earth Protector Panathen, Retreat Spider Cletu, and Meanas Anor.

Teleportation and Gatekeepers

The arrival location at Grave Robber Hideout in the Schuttgart Castle Town Noblesse teleport list has been changed.
The arrival location at the Shrine of Loyalty, the Center of the Wall of Argos, the Center of the Hot Springs in the Goddard Castle Town Noblesse teleport list have been changed.
The arrival location at the Shrine of Loyalty in the Rainbow Springs Clan Hall teleport list have been changed.
The Ivory Tower area on the Noblesse teleport list of the Town of Aden and Hunters Village has been removed.


It is now possible to obtain A Grade armor recipes with the Spoil skill.
It is now possible to obtain A Grade helmet recipes (60%) through monster hunting. The Sealed Majestic Circlet recipe and Sealed Helm of Nightmare recipe can be obtained through the Spoil skill as well.

Clan Halls

Fixed a problem where the clan hall door didn't open properly after the occupation wars of the Devastated Castle and the Fortress of the Dead.
When there are an insufficient number of participating clans in the Rainbow Springs Clan Hall Battle, i.e. when there are fewer than two, changes were made to make the result a tie as soon as the game registration period is over.
When entering the Rainbow Springs Clan Hall Arena, changes were made to make any summoned cubics disappear and they cannot be re-summoned afterwards.


Corrected a problem where Heroes couldn't be selected based on the number of victories first, and then second on the win/loss record when the Olympiad points are the same.
Changes were made to display first, the overall stats, second, the wins, third, the losses, and fourth, the points, when Noblesse characters use the "/olympiadstat" command. (The overall stats have been added.)


Changes were made so that, even under the condition of mutual war declaration, no clan reputation score transfer occurs when you kill an enemy clan member whose clan level is 4 or below.


The number of rewards and required items for The Zero Hour quest have changed.

10 Durable Metal Plates - 131 Stakato's Fangs
5 Mithril Alloy - 123 Stakato's Fangs
10 Oriharukon - 150 Stakato's Fangs

10 Durable Metal Plates - 150 Stakato's Fangs
10 Mithril Alloy - 131 Stakato's Fangs
5 Oriharukon - 123 Stakato's Fangs


Various text corrections have been made.
The Heavy Medal event begins today. The Event Gatekeepers portion of the Chronicle 5 launch event has concluded.
October 3, 2006
Patch Notes 10-3-06

During the maintenance period on Tuesday, October 3, between 10:30 AM and 12:30 PM CDT, the following changes will be made:


The Chronicle 5 Launch Event has concluded. The Adventurers' Guides are no longer appearing in the starting villages. The newbie weapons are yours to keep and have not been removed from player inventories.
Medals are no longer dropping from the monsters of Aden and Elmore. The Heavy Medal Event Managers will remain in the villages until October 10.

The Community Server will remain offline. We apologize for the extended downtime and any inconvenience this may cause.
October 23, 2006
Patch Notes 10-24-06

During the maintenance period on Tuesday, October 24, between 10:30 AM and 12:30 PM CDT, the following changes will be made:

Changes to Player Death Penalties

The following changes have been made to death penalties of player characters.

Unchaotic character: No items are dropped at death.
Chaotic character: Items are dropped at a lower rate than before. PK count still determines item drops, while Karma influences susceptibility to the combat penalty.

When characters die, they will now receive a penalty of reduced combat capability at a certain rate (about the same rate as the previous item drop rate).

The penalty for death is applied cumulatively. If you die again after the penalty has been applied, the new penalty is applied on top of the existing penalty.

The penalty can be viewed in the Status window and it has a permanent duration.

You can recover your combat capability level by using Scroll: Recovery items. There are recovery scrolls for each level and each character must use one appropriate for his level (per expertise skill). Chaotic characters cannot use recovery scrolls.

You can also recover your combat capability level through Black Judge NPCs for a fee, including chaotic characters. The Black Judges are in Floran Village, the Wastelands, and Hardin's Academy.

Charms of Luck have been changed to have the effect of preventing this new penalty to combat capability.


New Skills

Skills that summon party members have been added.

The “Summon Friend” skill, which enables a Summoner to summon party members, has been added. Elemental Summoners, Phantom Summoners, and Warlocks can acquire this skill at level 56. Spellbooks can be acquired as drops from monsters and at the Magic Stores of Rune Township and the Town of Goddard. These items are sold at a certain time at a certain rate.
The character summoned must have the Summoning Crystal. Summoning Crystals can be purchased at a town grocer.
You cannot summon party members to battle grounds, certain raid boss regions, and the Olympiad Stadium. You cannot summon party members who are engaged in combat or dead.
More party summoning classes will be added in a later update.

Skill Changes

The Fortune of Noblesse skill has been changed to have the effect of preventing reduced combat capability if killed by a Boss or a Raid Monster. Consumes 4 Lucky Charms: A Grade.

The Clan Death Fortune skill effect has been changed to reduction of the rate at which the clan's Experience Score is reduced and the rate at which the character suffers a penalty for death when killed.

The Lucky skill has been changed to have the effect of preventing the penalty of reduced combat capability on death. The Lucky skill now applies to characters up to level 9.


Instant Effect Potions

New instant effect potions have been added.

Elixir of Life – HP Recovery
Elixir of Mental Strength – MP Recovery
Elixir of CP – CP Recovery

There are No Grade - Grade S instant effect potions and one can only use potions corresponding to expertise level. For example, a character of level 76 can only use Grade S potions.

The instant potions can be obtained from stores and through common crafting.

Elixir of Life: No Grade - Grade C can be purchased at stores.
Elixir of Mental Strength: No Grade - Grade D can be purchased at stores.
Elixir of CP: No Grade - Grade S can be purchased at stores.

There are potion grade restrictions depending on the size of the town. For example, all grades of Elixir of CP are available at the NPC stores; No Grade - Grade S are available in the Town of Aden, and only No Grade - Grade A are available in the Town of Giran.

The common crafting recipes can be obtained through clan hall production.

Instant Effect Items (Herbs)

New instant effect items have been added for more convenient solo hunting.

The effects of buff-type herbs and common buffs are not both applied. For example, if you acquire Herb of Power or Herb of the Warrior when you are under the effect of the Might buff, the effect of Might doesn’t apply as long as the herb effect is active. The existing Might buff effect starts only after the herb loses its effect.

Luxury Shop

Items have been added to the Luxury Shop. Soul Crystals Stage 7 through Stage 10 are now sold at the Luxury Shop in the Town of Giran.

Other Changes

The weight of the following items have been significantly reduced.

Spirit Ore: From 10 to 5
CP Potion: From 110 to 25
Greater CP Potion: From 500 to 100

The re-use time for CP Potion and Greater CP Potion has been significantly reduced.

You can exchange B Grade weapons (Sword, Bow, Blunt, Polearm) for fist weapons through Blacksmith of Mammon. However, you cannot exchange the fist weapons for another type of weapons. (Arthro Nail and Bellion Cestus are the applicable B Grade fist weapons.)


The number of quests that can be simultaneously taken has been significantly increased to 25 from 15.

You receive Dimension Diamonds that enable you to purchase a Scroll of Escape to Town when you start the second class transfer quest. If you are in the middle of a quest, then you receive it at the end of the quest.

In the “Enhance Your Weapon” quest, more power has been added to the blade to eliminate the possibility that the Soul Crystal might break during the Stage 1- Stage 10 soul collection process.


Changes to the Buff Window

A “de-buff” window has been created, separate from the buff window, where de-buffs inflicted by danger areas or NPCs are displayed. There are a maximum of 10 de-buffs and 10 toggle skill buffs that can be displayed.

The maximum number of buffs visible in the general buff window has increased to 24 from 20.

In order to increase the maximum number in the general buff window, one must have the Ancient Book – Divine Inspiration and learn the Divine Inspiration skill. There is one buff slot increase every time the skill level improves.

Clan Window

The clan affiliation change function has been added. A clan member no longer has to be dismissed in order for his affiliation to be changed. For example, a clan member who is affiliated with a Royal Guard can change his affiliation and join a direct clan, Royal Guard or an Order of Knights without having to leave the clan and re-join.

This function is available only for clan lords and changing the affiliation of the Academy members is not allowed. In addition, it is not allowed to change the affiliation of a direct clan member by making him an Academy member.

Party Matching Window

One can view, invite, and whisper by going to the party matching waiting list. Party members as well as a party leader can now invite others.


The Adventurer’s Guide Book functions have been integrated with the mini-map. The Adventurer’s Guide Book items are no longer usable and can be sold to the NPC store at the original price.

The location of the cursed weapon Zariche can now be identified on the mini-map.

Shortcut Window

The shortcut window can now be expanded to three levels. Click the arrows at the top of the shortcut window to control the levels. The expanded shortcut window (levels two and three) can be used only by mouse. The shortcut expansion functions are not supported for the game pad.


Useful tips for game playing can be viewed on the loading screen. Tips can be turned on and off in the game option window.

A new function to hide dropped items on the ground has been added. Turn this function on and off in the game Options window. If you turn this function on, because the items that are dropped on the ground are hidden from your screen, you can significantly reduce lag arising from the client. Because the items dropped on the ground are hidden, you cannot obtain them by mouse but only by using the Pick Up button.

Changes have been have been made so that all the windows can be displayed again by pressing ALT+H after they have been hidden by ALT+H.

An issue where the shortcut bars could not be used when the interface was hidden (ALT+H) has been corrected.

An issue with the clan hall buff windows has been corrected.

The Seven Signs

The following effects have been added when the winning side has the Seal of Strife.

CP Gauge Change

When owned by Dawn: A CP gauge of a player who belongs to the Dawn side increases by 10%, and the CP gauge of a player who belongs to the Dusk side decreases by 10%.
When owned by Dusk: A CP gauge of a player who belongs to the Dusk side increases by 10%, and the CP gauge of a player who belongs to the Dawn side decreases by 10%.
When Strife is not owned: Same as before (no changes incurred).

Returning to Town in a Siege

When owned by Dawn: Same as before (no changes are incurred); player restarts in the second nearest village.
When owned by Dusk: A clan that has participated in a siege restarts from the first town at the time of escape and death.
When Strife is not owned: A clan who has participated in a siege restarts in the first town at the time of escape or death.

The Grand Olympiad

The Olympiad Stadium has been reduced in size.

The match schedule has been changed. The Olympiad is now 6 hours long starting from 6:00 PM CST and ending at 12:00 AM midnight CST (6:00 PM GMT+1 to 12:00 AM GMT+1 on the Teon and Franz servers). The schedule was previously 8:00 PM – 12:00 AM, a total of 4 hours.

Other schedule changes:

Announcement of the start of the match: From 30 seconds to 120 seconds
Match preparation: From 50 seconds to 60 seconds
Match Sessions: From 180 seconds to 360 seconds (the announcement of the remaining time will start from 2 minutes before the end of the match through the system message.)
End of Match: From 20 seconds to 40 seconds

At least 9 applicants are required for the non-class specific matches. (Matches between classes require only 5 applicants as before.)

The following rules apply if an Olympiad participant has failed to participate in a match due to conduct such as restarting, sub-class change, possession of more items then allowed, possession of Demonic Sword Zariche, and death status.

Before being summoned to the stadium: The match is annulled and has no impact on the opponent’s record. The player who cannot participate has his score reduced by 1/5 of his points.
After being summoned to the stadium: The player who cannot participate is deemed to have lost, the opponent is deemed to have won, and these results go on record.
After the match has started: The player who cannot participate is deemed to have lost, the opponent is deemed to have won, and these results go on record.
When the participants ended the match without attacking: When the cumulative damage 0, the match is deemed a tie and the result goes on the record.
When the participants inflict the same damage on each other: It is considered a tie and the result goes on record.

The transferable point for the non-class specific matches has been changed from 1/3 to 1/5. No changes to the matches between classes. The gate pass amount given to winners of the non-class specific matches has been reduced.

Non-class specific matches: 30
Matches between classes: 50

These items cannot be used in Olympiad matches.

Blessing of Fire, Blessing of Water, Blessing of Wind, Blessing of Earth, Blessing of Darkness, Blessing of Sanctity
Fire Crystal, Water Crystal, Wind Crystal, Earth Crystal, Dark Crystal, Sanctity Crystal
Elixir of Life, Elixir of Mental Strength, Elixir of CP

The Olympiad settlement points have been raised from 40 to 50.

The Olympiad point maximum compensation limit has been adjusted from 2,000 to 1,000 points.

The bonus points the Hero received has been significantly increased from 100 to 300.

The minimum number of times the character has participated in the Olympiad required to be selected as Hero has been changed from over 5 times to over 9 times.

Scroll of Enchant Weapon / Armor D/C Grade have been removed from the list of items sold by the Olympiad Manager.

The prices of the items sold by the Olympiad Manager have increased.

Pets and Servitors

The duration of the servitors who are acquired after the second class transfer (Warlock, Elemental Summoner, Phantom Summoner) has been increased threefold. The maintenance cost and the number of times it is consumed have also proportionately been increased. The 12 servitors affected are as follows.

Kat the Cat, Mew the Cat, Kai the Cat, Cat Queen
Unicorn Boxer, Unicorn Mirage, Unicorn Merrow, Unicorn Seraphim
Shadow, Silhouette, Soulless, Nightshade

Changes were made so that the Attack/Skill command doesn’t work if the level of the pet is over 20 levels higher than the owner. However, Pickup, Move, and Unsummon commands still work.

Changes were made so that the Alpen Cougar, Kookaburra, Buffalo in the Beast Farm can now be raised to "Item Type Reward" rather than the existing "Adena Type Reward” using Crystal Spice.

The area around Tower of Insolence has been designated as a restricted area for wyvern riders.


Boss Monsters

The difficulty of the battle with Frintezza has been decreased.

The physical P. Def of Scarlet van Halisha has been reduced.
Scarlet van Halisha’s speed has been reduced.
The rate Scarlet van Halisha uses the levitation skill has been significantly reduced.
The rate Frintezza plays his hypnotic song has been significantly reduced.

The following adjustments have been made to the difficulty level of Antharas and Valakas.

The total HP, basic P. Def., and M.Def. of Antharas have been decreased.
The total HP and basic P. Def. of Valakas have been decreased.
M.Def. of Valakas has been increased.

The area where the herb items are dropped has been re-designated among the hunting grounds. For example, monsters can now drop herbs in some of the areas such as Blazing Swamp; herbs no longer drop in Dragon Valley.

Miscellaneous Changes

In the Frozen Labyrinth, many changes were made to the monster posts, and the re-appearance of the monsters has been slightly reduced. The experience rewards of some monsters have been re-adjusted to the level similar to that of other monsters.

Changes have been made to the posts of the monsters at the outposts of Varka Silenos and Ketra Orc. Solo hunting is allowed around the entrance and the party type monsters are posted inside.

A higher number of monsters are appearing at the Cemetery.

Some of the monsters appearing around the Raid Bosses (Gludio, Dion, Oren, Innadril, Aden territories) have been removed.

An issue where the Mysterious Box didn’t appear when a character enters Four Sepulchers and has been fixed.

An issue where the player used to bleed even when the Triol’s Revelation in the back room of Pagan Temple is dead has been fixed.

Changes were made so that the all other monsters disappear when High Priest van Halter, Raid Boss of Pagan Temple, disappears.

A problem where Gatekeeper Zombies posted at Pagan’s Temple would not attack players without a mark has been fixed.

An issue where Master Anays, Raid Boss of Monastery of Silence, didn’t attack first when he became aware of a player has been fixed.

A problem with The Weathermaster of the Ruins of Pavel Research Center has been fixed.

A “cut scene” has been added when a character enters the third floor of Pagan’s Temple where High Priest van Halter is found. Immediately after the scene ends, the combat with the raid boss starts.

The Monster Race Track is no longer viewable in the Broadcasting Towers.

Other Changes

Boss Monsters

The Gatekeeper’s general teleport fee is discounted at 50% from 8:00 PM to 12:00 AM (midnight) CST (8:00 PM GMT+1 to 12:00 AM GMT+1 on the Teon and Franz servers). Sundays and Saturdays are exceptions.

All freight can be picked up through any Warehouse Freightman in the area.

All the characters under level 25, regardless of whether they are new or not, are eligible for newbie benefits:

Weapons and armor exchange
Newbie buffs
Soulshots/Spiritshots for Novice

The arrival coordinates are no longer identical with those of the gatekeeper when teleported to Giran Castle Town and Schuttgart Castle Town.

Some Noblesse teleport arrival points have been moved to safer areas.

In the teleport list of the Orc Village gatekeeper, Northern Immortal Plateau has been renamed The Immortal Plateau.

An issue where points acquired from some successful raid and boss monster raids were not recorded in the Adventurer Guide has been fixed. (The Raid total score has always been correctly calculated.)

The clan name changes colors in the character target window according to your clan reputation score.

Alliances composed of four or more clans have been dissolved. Normal penalties for alliance dissolution should not apply.

The From Beyond event has started.

November 13, 2006
Patch Notes 11-14-06

The weekly server maintenance schedule has been moved half an hour earlier to 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM CST every Tuesday (5:00 PM GMT+1 to 7:00 PM GMT+1). During the maintenance period on Tuesday, November 14, between 10:30 AM and 12:30 PM CDT, the following changes will be made:


The effect of herbs (instant items) on servitors has been changed as follows:

An herb buff will affect both master and servitor, but the buff duration will be 60 seconds, half of the normal duration. If a servitor is not summoned, the master will receive the full buff duration (120 seconds).
Recovery herbs will affect both master and servitor.

An issue with herb buffs stacking with regular buffs has been fixed.

An issue where Echo Crystals 6th Carol – 10th Carol could not be used has been fixed.

The Seven Signs

An issue where players were unable to buy items from the Seven Signs Priest in Hunter’s Village has been fixed.


When Frintezza appears, characters who are located in the hallway will be teleported to the nearest town.

An issue where two Chapel Guards would stack in the first Chapel entrance of The Pagan Temple has been fixed.

The difficulty of Antharas and Valakas has been adjusted slightly.

An issue where the Queen Ant minions would not disappear when the Queen Ant was defeated has been fixed.

An issue with being unable to attack NPCs located on top of the outside gate in Aden Castle has been fixed.

Gatekeepers and Teleportation

The Monster Race Track has been removed from the teleport location list in the 2nd level teleport options for the Fortress of Resistance clan hall.

An issue with characters being able to teleport to Schuttgart Castle by using the Gatekeeper during a Schuttgart castle siege has been fixed.

The character who owns the Demonic Sword Zariche can no longer teleport to the inside of the Monster Race Track.

An issue with teleporting to the Anteroom after entering the Raid Boss area in Dimensional Rift has been fixed.


In the quest An Arrogant Search, characters are no longer able to advance to the next step by just delivering 10 Blooded Fabrics to Sir Gustav Athebaldt, Hardin, or Iason Heine. The White Fabric must be deleted, or made into Blooded Fabric in order to advance.


Various text corrections have been made.

The “Chase” button in the mini-map has been renamed to “Find”.

The Community Server is now available.
December 4, 2006
Patch Notes 12-5-06

During the maintenance period on Tuesday, December 5, between 10:00 AM and 12:00 PM CDT, the following changes will be made:


Only the castle lord can now obtain the ‘Lord of the Manor’s Certificate of Approval’.


An issue with the Betray skill has been corrected.

An issue with the skill icons not displaying the refresh time when they are moved from shortcut window to a different shortcut window has been fixed.


Various text corrections have been made.

An issue with Mystic classes being unable to get the Recovery Scroll after finishing the tutorial quests has been fixed.

An issue with some characters being unable to enter the inner castle has been fixed.

The four doors located near the top bridge in Aden Castle are now closed. Players can no longer enter the inner castle through these doors.

An issue with the clan hall ownership transfer to the next winner of the Rainbow Springs clan hall battle has been fixed.

An issue with the monster spawn rate in the Dimensional Rift has been fixed.

All clan hall doors in Rune Township are now working properly.

The incorrect tax rate for NPC Cema in Hardin’s Academy and the Feed Seller in Beast Farm has been corrected.

The Fall Harvest event has concluded.

Старт хроник Lineage II: The Chaotic Throne, Interlude

April 9, 2007
Weekly Maintenance

This week's maintenance period will be held during the downtime on Wednesday, April 11, for the launch of Interlude. There is no planned downtime for Tuesday, April 10.

Server Maintenance 4-11-07

All servers will be down for the launch of Interlude beginning at 8:00 AM CDT on Wednesday, April 11. The estimated downtime is approximately six hours.

The first chapter of Lineage II: The Chaotic Throne, Interlude, is planned for release on Wednesday, April 11, 2007. New skills and items, a high level hunting ground, and more will be yours this April!

Adventurers' Guides and Event Gatekeepers will be back in the towns of Aden and Elmore to celebrate the launch of Interlude. From April 11 to 24, all players can take advantage of the Noblesse teleport locations, and characters under level 25 can receive special weapons for no charge from April 11 to May 8.

Thank you to all participants who entered the Lineage II Wallpaper Contest! Congratulations go out to Azza of the Franz server, Darsain of Hindemith, and Verstal of Sieghardt for placing first, second, and third respectively. Visit the Downloads secton of the official web site to grab the winning wallpapers for your desktop.

May 22, 2007
Patch Notes 5-22-07

During the maintenance period on Tuesday, May 22, between 10:00 AM and 12:00 PM CST (5:00 PM GMT+1 to 7:00 PM GMT+1), the following changes will be made:


A dark temple in Rune Township holds a secret waiting for curious adventurers to discover. Priest Dominic of The Einhasad Temple will share with you the amazing truth of a people hidden away from the prying eyes of the other five races of Aden and Elmore.
Blank quest window issue has been fixed for following quests. "Sword of Solidarity", "Path to a Human Knight", "The Name of Evil", and "Saga of Dreadnaught"


Orc Mystics can now receive fighter buffs from the Newbie Guide. Area effect attacks do not affect players or monsters behind closed doors or walls.
An issue that caused a rank to disappear when the clan leader changed a member’s rank has been fixed.
The levels of the treasure boxes located in Blazing Swamp are now similar to nearby monsters.
Various text corrections have been made.
HP/MP/CP will not be recovered fully on 1v1 duel and the duel will not start if the HP/MP is lower than 50%. HP/MP/CP will be recovered fully only on party duel.
June 12, 2007
Patch Notes 06-12-07

During the maintenance period on Tuesday, June 12, between 10:00 AM and 12:00 PM CST (5:00 PM GMT+1 to 7:00 PM GMT+1), the following changes will be made:


'/block' command will be applied to all communication channels, including another player's whispering (does not include Hero Shout).
An issue with players not being able to use the Noblesse Teleport to move to the Coliseum during the castle siege at the Town of Aden has been fixed.
An issue with the Breath Gauge not functioning properly in some ocean areas south of Devil's Isle has been corrected.
The number of guards in the vicinity of the newbie villages has been slightly decreased.
An issue with the Siege Golem not showing the attacking motion correctly when attacking the castle gates or walls has been fixed.
Miscellaneous typos in some of the quests have been fixed.


An incorrect system message regarding the reward (Reputation Points) for completing “A Clan’s Reputation” quest has been corrected.


An issue with Sorcerers and Necromancer not being able to enchant their skills from Lich King Icarus in Hardin’s Academy has been fixed.
The effects of Soulshot and Abnormal status on the servitors Feline King, Magnus the Unicorn, and Spectral Lord now appear correctly.
June 18, 2007
Patch Notes 06-19-07

During the maintenance period on Tuesday, June 19, between 10:00 AM and 12:00 PM CST (5:00 PM GMT+1 to 7:00 PM GMT+1), the following changes will be made:


The items that drop during the Rainbow Springs Clan Hall battle, such as Hot Spring Nectar, Hot Spring Water, Hot Spring Mineral Water, Hot Spring Sulfur, and the letters, are no longer droppable.
The Breaking Arrow and the Dewdrop of Destruction that drop during the Frintezza Raid are no longer droppable.
The issue with additional PvP damage not being applied to the +4 Keshanberk*Damascus has been fixed.


The arena for the Rainbow Springs Clan Hall battle has now been set as a no-restart zone. If players are disconnected within this arena, they must re-login within 10 minutes, or they will be teleported to nearest town.
The issue with the Soulshot effect not showing correctly in certain location in Primeval Isle has been fixed.
After an item is dropped, no items can be dropped for one second.


The issue with the Unlock skill being able to open the Gate of Splendor has been fixed.

Запуск ПТС сервера Камаэль

December 6, 2007
PTS Patch Notes 11-06-2007

The Public Test Server will be unavailable beginning at 10:30 AM Central Time (5:30 PM GMT+1) on Thursday, December 6, 2007. The expected downtime is one hour. During this maintenance period, the following changes will be made:

Hellbound, the hiding place of Beleth, has been added south of the Wastelands near Gludio Town.
Hellbound Island is the highest-level hunting ground in the game. It is not visible on the Mini Map.
The map of the Hellbound can be obtained inside Hellbound.
Hellbound is blocked by Beleth’s magical barrier. A continuous collective effort is required from each player in order to enter Hellbound.
After completing all the quests from the Isle of Prayer, players can learn how to enter Hellbound from Galate in Heine Village.
Players must earn the trust of the Hellbound natives in order to gain access to the Iron Castle where Beleth resides.
Players can increase the Hellbound natives’ trust level by killing monsters, or by completing tasks for them.
The Hellbound natives’ trust level can be increased or decreased depending on players’ actions and effort.
As players earn more trust from the Hellbound natives, more tasks will become available.


Players must complete two quests in order to access the teleporters that lead to Hellbound. The two teleporters (called Warpgates) that will transport player’s to Hellbound are located in Heine and outside the southern entrance to the Wastelands.The two quests players must complete to gain access to the Warpgates are Bird in a Cageand That’s Bloody Hot. These are quest chains, so players must complete Bird in a Cage before they can embark on That’s Bloody Hot. Here are some specifics for each quest:
Bird in a Cage

Starting NPC – Priest Kanis
Starting Location – Isle of Prayer at 143472, 191040, -3712
Level requirements – 78+
Prerequisites – none

That’s Bloody Hot

Starting NPC – Priest Kanis
Starting Location – Isle of Prayer at 143472, 191040, -3712
Level requirements – 78+
Prerequisites – Bird in a Cage

Miscellaneous Changes

The weight limit for items carried by Kamael characters has been increased in order to allow them to can carry more items than before.
The following effect has been added to the Kamael Soul Mastery skill once it reaches level 4:
There is a 20% chance of absorbing an additional soul when upon landing a critical hit.
The new Maximum Ability skill is activated when a rapier with an enchant value of +4 or more is equipped.
There is a chance that the skill effect will be applied during a general critical attack.
Skill effect: Momentarily decreases the party members' skill MP consumption.
The casting distance of the Real Target skill has been increased to scale up with the skill level (cast distance increases the higher the skill level).
The effect of the Rapier Attack skill has been increased.
The power of the Dark Strike and Abyssal Blaze skills has been increased.
The Blink skill now has the added effect of stunning nearby enemies.
MP consumption for the following Kamael skills has been changed (all skills decreased in MP consumption except for Penetrate Shot, which increased):
Dark Strike, Dark Smash, Abyssal Blaze, Dark Explosion, Penetrate Shot, Triple Thrust, Shining Edge, Checkmate, Soul of Pain, Dark Flame, Twin Shot, Rise Shot and Deadly Roulette
The re-use time for certain Kamael skills has been changed.
Casting time decreased: Create Special Bolt and Create Dark Seed
Casting time increased: Imbue Dark Seed, Bleed Shot
The re-use delay for the Disrupting Arrow skill has been changed to 10 seconds.
The problem concerning pet names resetting when they were evolved has been fixed.
The problem that required clan members in possession of the fortress to force attack the Mercenary Captain and Mercenary Private NPCs during a fortress battle has been fixed.
The Maximum Ability skill effect has been changed. This skill is created when wearing a Rapier that has been enchanted to +4 or more.
Before: Party member's MP consumption decreased for using the skill.
Change: Party member's MP consumption decreases for using the skill, attack power/magic power increases, and heal value increases.
MP consumption is now displayed correctly in the Penetrate Shot skill’s tooltip.
Corrections have been made so that the Inspector and Judicator classes can also wear the Enchanter Circlet (Kamael only).
For Light Armor - A problem where equipped Tallum Gloves were not displaying correctly has been fixed.
The Blessing of Protection effect was disappearing when the Maximum Ability effect was applied. This has been fixed.
The Scroll of the Non-Combat Transformation tooltip message has been updated. (The message states that there is no effect when used while you have a Pet, Summon or Transformation active.)

Старт хроник The 1st Throne: The Kamael

The 1st Throne: The Kamael™, is the largest free content update in Lineage II history! The servers will be open to all this December! The 1st Throne truly brings the dawn of a new era for Lineage II with many first-time additions, including instanced dungeons, fortress sieges, and of course the Kamael. The 1st Throne Public Test Server is available to the public right now. If you haven’t had a chance to check out all the new features, we encourage you to dive in and experience the Kamael for yourself!

December 11, 2007
The 1st Throne Update Launch

All servers will be down for the launch of The 1st Throne beginning at 8:00 AM Central Time (3:00 PM GMT +1) on Wednesday, December 12. The estimated downtime is approximately eight hours. This week's regular maintenance period will also be held during this scheduled downtime. There is no planned downtime for Tuesday, December 11.

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